Finland with kids. Our top 10 attractions

1. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Lucky to see the dance of auroras on the sky of April (14 April 2023)
16 April 2023
16 April 2023

2. Huski Park and Husky Sleigh Ride

3. Arctic circle and Santa Claus Village

4. Ice Floating

Ice lake in the middle of nowhere.
Ready for Ice floating
Enjoy the silence

5. Ranua Wildlife Park

6. White winter decor in April

Ice lake
Snow in forest

7. Sauna and Ice rolling

8. Santa Claus Express – night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

Almost 1.000km and 12 hours of night sleep
Deluxe double sleeper cabin with private bathroom
Dinner at Santa Claus Express restaurant
Sunrise in train

9. Helsinki

Senate Square and Helsinki Cathedral
Uspenski Cathedral
Port of Helsinki
View of Helsinki from Baltic Sea

10. Fortress of Suomenlinna- Unesco World Heritage Site