The Last Jedi (part 3) – Usefulness


All people resonate with art in a form or another, be it music, paint, film or whatever art form. Art is a filtered representation of the reality, in a form that brings a resolution. Likewise and even more refined, all children love stories. Stories prepare children for life. Some of the stories become part of our culture, because they contain archetypal elements that can be identified by any person (even if unconsciously). And here they spread and each time they are told, elements are added, tuned, recycled.

Achilles, Snow White, Dracula or Mr.Hide, stories like these have always emerged throughout our history. This process is still alive. It is what the art seeks for.

Star Wars

Star Wars falls into this category. Like it or not, it became part of the western culture. It is not only a set of movies. There are cartoons, books, comics, video channels, fan movies, all sort of expectations and new emerged explanations, theories, parallel stories, there is the entire so called expanded universe. Some of its elements entered in the everyday vocabulary or influenced other movies.

It touched an inner archetype. Or I should say: it used to. Because with the installment of Episode VIII, it’s all ruined. Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) is not a form of art in the sense depicted above. It does not bring any resolution. It does not create any mystery for a future resolution, it doesn’t build characters. It does not prepare our children for life (see here). It has no real story; it only destroys THE STORY.

It feels like Star Wars is a brand that was acquired for its power to sell. No longer used for its power to create and tell stories, it only stands as a new platform for propaganda. For social engineering. It contains a sort of abstract ideology that is not a natural part of the story, but it’s claimed through dry statements (“Kill the past !”). Among others, it is misandry packed within political correctness appearance. A lousy SJW.


For an analyst, the movie itself is however, useful. It can ilustrate the report between business, propaganda, entertainment, educative values. (The latter is practically disregarded).

First it shows what a brand can sell and on what extent. What a corporation (Disney) can do and what not. It tells the importance of CGI versus story, for each age segment. It also shows what society is today. Maybe not the film itself, it’s not so deep, although it tries. But the viewers’ reactions are huge. Thousands of reviews, of articles, of videos debating over this film.

More important, it shows what Disney and Lucasfilm are after. I simply thought that Disney is in the entertainment industry, creating products for youngsters. Now, finally I understand where entertainment stands. On the money side, of course, but the flow of money is not always so obvious. Entertainment is a powerful tool for some sort of propaganda and mind formating on our kids.

This movie opened my eyes. For me, as parent, Disney products are safe no more.

To me, this film is a signal that we need to ask ourselves where our values stand. We need to spend evenings with children and read them (or even better, tell them) our old stories and legends. There are appropriate tales for each kind of child.

* * *

Now that we have watched Episode VIII, had some open discussions on it. Children got some conclusions for themselves. One is that special effects were great. An other one is that some parts were boring. From their position, there are a number of unanswered questions. What was that scene with Leia flying ? Why Luke did not want to help Rey ? Why didn’t he go to save his sister ?

Overall, it came clear the idea that some elements do not fit well in this movie. And even more, I saw with pleasure the children emphasizing some problems in the old Star Wars movies. Eventually, as a creative project, we took the mission to create for ourselves a plot/script for the ninth episode, in such a way that all plot holes from previous movies got fixed. This was a very exciting, creative, fun, positive way to spend some hours, and it continued for days.

We all have projected events from our every day reality within the given rules of Star Wars universe. There was rhythm and tension in our new story. There was mystery and also resolution. Children said it would be by far the best Star Wars movie to date. Now, this is what I call a useful movie and quality time spent together.

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