“Look inside” game with kids

I told you about the ratio between positive vs negative interactions. Studies published by Harvard Business Review (HBR), show that the ratio between the negative and positive interactions defines success in a collaboration: be it with our partner, our child, our parents or even your colleagues. For a successful collaboration the ratio between negative and positive interactions must be 1:5 !!! More details you can find here.

I come with a game proposal you should play with your kids. Th game is called “what I’m good at (what are my strengths)?” and you should play it in the moments you are connected with your child, when you spend quality time with them.

Playing this game will have two positive aspects for kids:
– they will learn to give positive messages
– they will receive positive messages and this will help them to improve their self esteem.

We played this game during the bed time moments when all communication channels with kids are open, when we have open discussions and our connection is great. We start the question “what I’m good at?” and both my boys should find 3 answers for each of the game players:


  • What is mom good at?

Luke (9 years old) about mom:
Mom is good at taking care of me.
Mom is preparing very good food for me, especially pasta.
Mom is good at running.

OWan (10 years old) about mom:
Mom know how to encourage people and say nice words about everybody.
Mom enjoy playing with kids, especially baby (you can be good nanny).
Mom like to stay in nature, you can be a good farmer.


  • What is OWan good at?

Luke (9 ani) about his 10 years old brother:
You are very good at playing Abalone board game.
You are very good at playing football (European).
You are very good at running.

Mom  about her 10 years old son:
You are very ambition, self- determinate and you are a fighter. If you have a goal in your mind, you fight with all your energy to reach it.   When you decided that you what to be the wold champion in Abalone, you played and practiced everyday by your own wish. Now you wants to be a good runner and you call me for running several times per week. That’s amazing!
You are very good at  MindLab activities.
You are very good to play and to take care of smaller children that you.


  • What is Luke good at?

OWan (10 years old) about his 9 years old brother:
You really love animals especially dogs and you know how to play with them.
You are very good at XBox games.
You  are very good on using your left hand.

Mom about her 9 years old son:
You are very creative kid. You find the most interesting names for your games, for your dogs. You have very good ideas when you build Lego constructions. I also like your creative drawings.
You are a very good architect with Lego bricks.
You are exceptionally good in using your left hand and also your right hand. This is amazing!


The games end with the remark: I’m so lucky to be your mother!!!

What are YOU good at?