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This site is about education and children experiences. About activities with children and how to present the world to them. This is the context in which I say: keep the children far from Star Wars Episode VIII.

Some Wars
There’s something very very wrong with Star Wars episode VIII (The Last Jedi). Beyond good actors and spectacular CGI, forceful marketing and excellent official reviews, there’s a deep flaw.

It is clear, there are a lot of plot holes and fade lines, but this is not the real problem with this film. By the way, the plot line is the worst in Star Wars history and one of the worst considering any movie I’ve ever watched. Characters development: disaster. And even worse, the known rules of the Star Wars universe are not respected: the stage is inconsistent. All these make a bad movie, but this is not the problem.

To be short, the idea is that all male characters are eviscerated. When I say all, I mean absolutely all, no matter on which side they stand, regardless of their race, age or experience. They are all either flawed, ridiculous, coward or in the best case, they look like a caricature. On the other hand, all female characters are sort of creepy heroines. They are all either not understood, unknown, hidden, in coma or under-appreciated. They can’t express themselves and everything falls apart under their eyes (obviously, because of male characters).

Beyond this, some characters conveniently die on each side. This in such a way that only men remain on the dark side, angry men. On the other side, all it’s left is a tiny group saved/led by women.

What is this ? Must we be spectators at a “Sex Wars” series started by Disney ? Is this misandry what our boys must see ? Or is this what you want to teach your daughters ? Is it just something that Disney wants to exploit, in order to cash in ? Because all along, there is also the rest of cheap marketing added: from all races and most times pointless heroes (just to check on race diversity), to pointless porgs (just to sell toys and market this to all ages).

This SJW movie only confuses the children. It’s failed feminism, deviated in misandry. It is a disservice to feminism, in the first place.

But there is more: Disney felt the need to be cynical and disrespectful to everything that J.J.Abrams and even George Lucas previously did (see here). Why couldn’t they just start a new story, why did they have to insult their predecessors’ work ? Easy money ? Or because the story was too … boy-ish ? There are even worse scenarios in my head (like capitalizing a brand for a propaganda platform, social engineering, etc), but I’ll stop speculating … Maybe they are just locked in their own ideology: anything that men created in the past must be ridiculed and devalued.

Fans are outraged. And they are because of many many different reasons. But here I only want to point on the psychological aspects and what a child or teenager can see. Lucasfilm said initially that fan base reactions are in fact trolls’ posts. Then marched on the idea that it’s all just immature fanboy opinions. I am not a die-hard fan of this franchise. I always thought it is a story for children. And this is exactly why I write this review.

Most people consider that Rian Johnson, the director of this film, is guilty for this mess. He is, certainly, but actually the overall picture is much worse. This guy is like Poe that ended in being ridiculous, while vice admiral Holdo got out as a misunderstood heroine. Unsurprisingly, Lucasfilm director Kathleen Kennedy said: “The Force is female”. So I think that the “Sex Wars” thinking is deeper within Lucasfilm and Disney. Just check other of their latest products and you’ll begin to see a pattern.

One thing is to promote female characters or feminine values and something else is to be disrespectful. Lucasfilm Story Group pushes bias within our society. They propose a war between genders within this franchise and blame the backlash on the fans who felt insulted. Lucasfilm needs to learn that gender is not supposed to be part of the problem (unless they want to create a problem).

Anyway, I am worried, and I’ll make efforts to keep children as far as possible from Disney marketing/products. I don’t want my children (sons/nieces/nephews) to hate or have disrespect for the opposite gender.

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4 thoughts on “The Last Jedi (part 2) – The Misandry

  1. This is the result of aggressive feminism – they try to eviscerate males while depicting females as misunderstood victims. It will have a long-term negative impact on the society.

  2. I was wondering if I was the only person who saw this in the film. First, I couldn’t understand why they had to character assassinate in order to make Rey the star. Couldn’t Luke die with dignity while still passing the torch to Rey and still more the story forward? Abandoning the force and the resistance/alliance is one thing, to abandon his sister and family goes against the basic premise of the story/character. Guess they needed to insert a “dead-beat dad” stereotype, and Han was already dead (oops…we generated a little sympathy for him with his son killing him, so got to swing that man-hate pendulum back into the light).

    Second, even the new characters tasked to carry SW in a new direction were castrated on screen if they were male. Finn put in his place (multiple times) by Rose. Luke put in his place (multiple times) by Rey. Poe put in his place (multiple times) by multiple ‘superior’ females…and even physically assaulted. Ok ok…it’s a movie called ‘Star WARS’, so why am I complaining about violence? Fighting against evil and oppression is one thing…violence and abuse b/c you’re a ‘bad boy’ and deserved to be put over my ‘knee and spanked’ is another.

    Finally, the ANH did have a “Damsel in Distress”, but she starts the movie standing toe to toe, insulting an ominous villain (Vader, then later Tarkin), survived torture and mind probes, refused to give up the rebels until a peaceful planet with millions of people was threatened – which just happened to be her home planet imho, and even when rescued, stepped up to help lead them out of the DS, AND THEN shows incredible wisdom with the comment on the ‘ease of our escape’. She wasn’t a Marry Sue, b/c she had her princess attitude (short for a SS, you came in that?), but she was an incredible leader and character who just happened to be a woman. And that’s just Leia in just ANH!!! In ESB, she is a major leader (diplomatic and military), then in RotJ, flipped the script and was the vanguard in the mission to save Han from Jabba, no longer the ‘DiD’ but the one doing the saving!!! So Leia did all this w/o needing to humiliate the power and qualities from the men around her. So Mary Sue….I mean Rey…who is more powerful, more moral, more amazing, and better in every way imaginable than any other Star Wars character to date can’t pull this off without destroying the memory and legacy of everything and everyone (especially the men) who came before?

    I know society today says that women are not only equal to men, but better than them in all things, so equality today means “yes we’re equal, but I’m so much better and more important than you”. As for inclusion, I guess everyone is included to the party as long as you’re not male…so essentially saying “inclusion means everyone, just not you”. I get that post-Great Recession zeitgeist affects everything we see and interact with in our society, and art tries to bring light and insight into ourselves and each other. This wasn’t art though…this was corporate propaganda that pandered to anything and everything PC in order to make a buck, at the expense of our youth, innocence, beliefs, and most important….hope. I don’t see how tearing down everything, saying none of it matters, is suppose to generate any type of care, concern or interest in building the new. They literally turned me into TLJ Luke…where I don’t care about the universe, the story, or the people in it anymore. Was that their intent the whole time? That everyone is welcome to the party except males over a certain age; you guys should just go and die on your island since nothing you are or was or will ever do matters.

  3. Not a fan of all the misandry but how can Disney “cash in” on this? How does shamelessly casting more minority and female characters generate more sales. Star Wars was always popular to begin with.

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